Corona – Threat OR Benediction

In these unprecedented & unpleasant situations my heart yearns for best wishes and good health to all out there. The ongoing Pandemic has affected our daily lives and businesses, pushing all of us to be confined to four walls in order to contain this PANDEMIC, rather I would say that all are indoor in order to be sick at a later stage. No one would be spared of this Gift (COVID -19). This “Gift” is something that is unexpectedly tagged along with our wishful mistakes. Whatever it is now we all have to face it and fight it out keeping in mind that there is no immediate solution to it. My idea of writing this is to seed you all with certain undefined postulates so that we are able to foresee, plan and act accordingly. It’s better to be informed rather than repent at a later stage.

Air Planes are stationed, International travel is banned by every other country. Suspension of major activities are happening in a phased manner. Consumption is affected and the world is moving into self-isolation or is advised to be quarantined. Many employees across the globe have been sent on unpaid leaves, put on notice period, issued PIP (a tool used by companies to chuck people out) and some s

imply are off the shelf as their engagements were purely contractual in nature and those working for Government institutions have already agreed to donate some part of their pay for fighting the PANDEMIC, Self Employed and Professionals are inching towards dormant mode. 70% of the daily wage earner is the worst hit lot. Most of us are in lockdown or have quarantined ourselves self and this goes for the world at large – not just one state or nation, but all across the globe, the situation is analogous. Crude had never seen a decline in its history. Energy demand has toppled down in the past few weeks. Demands have ceased and are sailing in the same direction.

What does all this indicate?

We are in for an Economic Recession. Economic Meltdown has begun. The world had already witnessed a somewhat similar crisis way back in 2007-08. Crises were triggered due to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings, one of the largest global financial service institutions and among the top five investment banks of the United States. The collapse of the fictitious housing sector in the US market sparked the “housing bubble” resulting already tremulous financial system giving way to “subprime mortgage” which consequently swallowed the whole financial structure of US economy. The rippled effect of this catastrophic situation shook the whole world barring a few developing economies such as India and China. But the current situation is quite different.

Authorities are not announcing it publicly but among themselves all are silently gearing up for that.  People are preempting economic insecurity and are really concerned. Some of us will wake up only when it’s too late for them. Massive bailout packages along with the introduction of palliative economic policies would be needed for smooth sailing in the rough economic briny.

Crises like this will compel all to alter thinking so that an enhanced adaptable lifestyle is developed. The whole societal structure will be reordered and communities will realign, reorient and reform the whole gamut of behavior and thought process. Initially the so-called compelling changes will look weird, alien and obnoxious. Yes we all are in for surprises and must accept them for our own good. Say for example is handshaking going to a theme of the bygone era. Hugs being swappe

d for big wide smiles etc. Of course we learn also during crises. Our understanding towards nature will mature. We will value time, life as a whole, less schism I see this event in history as an evolutionary for human consciousness. Something like this was required. Unless and until we are put to grave risk we seldom appreciate and look at the right direction. I see this moment as an opportunity of a renaissance (for this species). In many mysterious ways the society will respond to lifestyle.